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Squeeze more data from your FlightScope Mevo+ with the Pro Package upgrade

An add-on option to the award winning Mevo+ launch monitor that gives you access to additional data parameters.

Powered by FlightScope's patented Fusion Tracking technology. No subscription required - one time payment.

Key features

  • Improve accuracy & performance: Level up your golf game
  • Advanced Fusion Tracking technology: Combines Doppler radar and high speed camera tracking technology
  • Add more data to your Mevo+: 20+ additional data parameters
  • Super easy to install: Just download and upgrade
  • Incredible launch monitor package: Turns your Mevo+ into arguably one of the best launch monitors around

Elite tracking thanks to FlightScope's 'Fusion Tracking' technology

FlightScope's patented Fusion Tracking technology is an innovative combination of 3D Doppler tracking radar and synchronized image processing for unmatched data accuracy.

FlightScope recognizes that radar and camera technologies have strengths and weaknesses and therefore have combined the two methods into Fusion Tracking to provide the best of both technologies.

Improved accuracy and performance

The Mevo+ with Fusion Tracking introduces a level of accuracy and consistency on all data parameters never seen before.

The additional Mevo+ Pro Package also gives you the opportunity to use more data to improve your performance.

20+ additional data parameters

FlightScope Mevo+ Pro Package users will enjoy the benefit of additional club and ball data - including club path and face angles. Across chipping and full swing you'll access data such as: 

  • Face to path
  • Face to target
  • Dynamic loft
  • Club path
  • Vertical swing plane
  • Horizontal swing plane
  • Low point
  • Vertical descent angle
  • Curve
  • Club speed profile
  • Club acceleration profile

This additional data is unlocked across all golf simulation software and skills challenges.

Apple iPhones / iPads with:

iOS 14 or later
Bluetooth LE 4.0 - supports UART/Serial Port Emulation service with RX and TX characteristics
Visit Apple Support for more information.


Android 6.0 or later (devices made in 2015 or later)
Bluetooth LE 4.0 - supports UART/Serial Port Emulation service with RX and TX characteristics

1x Flightscope Mevo+ Pro Package software/data upgrade


The Flightscope Mevo+ Pro Package is software only and does not include a warranty.

However, if you're having trouble setting up the Pro Package, our team is on standby to help you out and work through any issues. If you do hit any issues, please contact us right away and we'll sort it out ASAP.

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