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The SkyTrak Plus launch monitor is a game-changer in golf simulation and launch monitor technology

Prepare to unlock unprecedented accuracy and game improvement potential with this cutting-edge device, packed with features designed to enhance your golf experience and performance.

The SkyTrak+ showcases significant advancements in core technology by incorporating a dual doppler radar system and proprietary machine learning software, delivering unmatched accuracy in its class. This radar addition puts club data at the heart of your experience, providing essential data points for game improvement.

Further innovation comes with the new and improved SkyTrak Shot Optimizer and Shot Score functionality, allowing you to measure your performance against optimal shots and golfers of all skill levels from the extensive SkyTrak database.

Enjoy access to over 100,000 golf courses (including iconic locations like Pebble Beach Golf Links, Bandon Dunes, and Torrey Pines), and the industry's best gameplay simulation software. The SkyTrak+ transports you to courses worldwide, enabling you to play with friends from the comfort of your home.

Unlock your full potential with the SkyTrak Plus Launch Monitor and revolutionize your golf game today. 

Key features

  • Dual doppler radar: Obtain crucial club data such as Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Club Path, and Face Angle, empowering your game improvement journey
  • Enhanced photometric camera system: Receive highly accurate and reliable ball tracking data to power your practice and improvement, both indoors and outdoors
  • Access over 100,000 golf courses: Play on the world's most famous courses, like Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, and Torrey Pines, from your own home (simulation software sold separately)
  • Comprehensive practice and improvement: Master your game with features like driving range practice, skills assessment, bag mapping, randomised practice, and a wedge matrix for fine-tuning your scoring clubs
  • Revamped shot optimizer interface: Analyze your club and ball data against optimal launch conditions with our easy-to-understand red, yellow, and green scoring system
  • New shot scoring: Measure your progress by comparing your performance against other players at various skill levels with the SkyTrak Shot Optimizer
  • Proprietary machine learning software: Achieve unmatched accuracy in its class, rivaling the highest-end launch monitors on the market
  • Play with friends from home: Instantly transport to courses around the world and enjoy friendly competitions, all from your living room
  • Access to top golf simulation software: Enjoy packages for leading sim partners like E6 Connect, WGT by TopGolf, The Golf Club 2019, and more
  • Endorsed by Golf Digest's #22 teacher: Benefit from informational tutorials by renowned golf instructor Nick Clearwater
  • Shop with confidence: Backed by a 12-month limited warranty

Unmatched accuracy with dual doppler radar

The SkyTrak Plus launch monitor features a state-of-the-art dual doppler radar system that offers unparalleled accuracy in club data measurement. This ground-breaking technology supplies you with essential club data measurements that were once exclusive to elite players and coaches.

So, what does this mean for you as a golfer? This cutting-edge radar system enables you to monitor vital data points like club head speed, smash factor, club path, and face angle with unmatched precision. Armed with this information, you can make informed adjustments to your swing and technique, ultimately leading to better results on the course.

Another advantage of the dual doppler radar is its real-time shot tracking capability. This means you receive instant feedback on every swing, helping you identify areas for improvement immediately. Plus, you'll have access to all this valuable data through a user-friendly interface, making it easy to track your progress and fine-tune your game.

Advanced photometric camera system

When practicing your swing on the range, reliable data on your shots is crucial for tracking progress. That's where the SkyTrak Plus launch monitor's advanced photometric camera system comes in, offering a game-changing feature that ensures accurate and dependable ball tracking data.

The photometric camera system captures high-speed images of your ball's trajectory and spin, allowing the SkyTrak+ launch monitor to analyse your shots with pinpoint accuracy. This means you can trust the data you receive, which is essential when making adjustments to your swing and technique.

But there's more! The camera system is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, performing exceptionally well even when hitting off mats. This versatility ensures you can work on your game wherever you are, without compromising the quality of your practice sessions.

Machine learning for precision performance

The power of machine learning lies in its ability to analyse vast amounts of data and draw meaningful insights from it. In the case of the SkyTrak Plus launch monitor, this means it can process the wealth of information gathered by its dual doppler radar and advanced photometric camera system, turning it into actionable feedback for you, the golfer.

By utilizing proprietary machine learning algorithms, the SkyTrak Plus launch monitor delivers precision that rivals even the highest-end launch monitors on the market. This gives you access to data-driven insights that can help you fine-tune your swing, improve shot consistency, and ultimately, lower your scores.

The best part? The machine learning capabilities of the SkyTrak+ launch monitor are continually evolving. As it processes more data from golfers around the world, the system constantly refines its algorithms, ensuring that the feedback you receive remains relevant, accurate, and tailored to your specific needs.

In-depth practice and improvement features

Let's start with the Game Improvement Package. This powerful bundle of features equips you with everything needed to supercharge your practice sessions. Hit the virtual driving range to perfect your swing, assess your skills with a comprehensive evaluation, map your bag to understand club distances better, and even randomize your practice for a fresh, challenging experience.

But there's more! The SkyTrak+ also includes a fantastic Wedge Matrix feature, specifically designed to fine-tune your scoring clubs. By working through the matrix, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your wedge distances and trajectories, giving you an edge when it comes to those crucial short game shots.

Additionally, the SkyTrak Plus is packed with a range of practice modes and challenges to keep you motivated and engaged as you work towards your golfing goals. From closest-to-the-pin contests to target practice and even virtual golf games, there's something for everyone.

Play on world-class golf courses

With access to over 100,000 golf courses, including prestigious and legendary tracks like St. Andrews, Pinehurst, Bandon Dunes, and Torrey Pines, the SkyTrak Plus Launch Monitor offers an unparalleled golf simulation experience. You'll be transported to the fairways and greens of the world's best courses, testing your skills against the same challenges faced by the pros.

But it doesn't stop there. The SkyTrak Plus launch monitor also provides compatibility with leading golf simulation partners like E6 Connect, WGT by TopGolf, and The Golf Club 2019. This means you'll have access to even more stunning, realistic, and immersive golf courses, ensuring your virtual golf adventures are as exciting and diverse as possible.

The best part about playing on these world-class courses is that you can share the experience with your friends! Challenge your buddies to a round of virtual golf, compete in online tournaments, or simply enjoy a casual round together—all without having to leave your home.

Improve with shot optimizer and scoring system

The shot optimizer is like having a personal golf coach in your pocket. This fantastic feature allows you to view and analyse all of your club and ball data against optimal launch conditions. With its easy-to-understand red, yellow, and green scoring system, you'll instantly know how close your numbers are to those of the best players in the world.

The shot optimizer interface also features invaluable tutorials from Golf Digest's #22 teacher in the world, Nick Clearwater. With expert guidance at your fingertips, you'll gain insights and tips on how to fine-tune your swing and improve your overall game.

Now let's talk about the scoring system. The SkyTrak Plus launch monitor's shot score feature allows you to determine your expected distance by hitting 20 shots with any club. This data is then used to measure subsequent shots, providing you with a Shot Score that compares your performance against golfers of various skill levels. By objectively measuring your golfing ability and predicting your expected performance in an 18-hole round, the shot score helps you track your progress and identify areas for improvement.

Easy setup and installation

We know you're eager to start playing and improving your golf game with the SkyTrak Plus launch monitor, and the good news is that setting it up is a breeze.

Forget about complicated installations or lengthy setup processes - we're talking about a smooth, user-friendly experience that will have you swinging in no time.

Just connect your SkyTrak Plus to your device (smartphone, tablet, or computer). The device's built-in Wi-Fi ensures a seamless connection, and the accompanying app is compatible with a wide range of devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows. Just download the app, follow the step-by-step instructions, and you'll be connected in no time. 

Technology: High Speed Cameras and Doppler Radar

Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoor and outdoor

Space Requirements: Enough Space to Swing Your Club

Device Compatibility: PC, iOS, Andorid

Software Compatibility: TGC, E6 Connect, WGT, GSPro

Dimensions: 17.80cm (H) x 20.30cm (W) x 7cm (D)

Weight: 1.35kg

Warranty: One Year Warranty


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SkyTrak is covered by a 12 month limited warranty. This warranty covers you against defects. 

If for some reason your item doesn't work as expected, simply contact us and we'll either repair your item under warranty or we may be able to offer a refund/exchange. Again, if for some reason your item doesn't work as expected, contact us right away and we'll sort out any issues ASAP.

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Rain o.
Initial Product Review

Skytrak+ is an excellent new product from an industry leading launch monitor manufacturer. We are very pleased with our demo unit that we have been beta testing and have full confidence that this product will be a big hit among our customers.