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Enjoy high-end golf simulation & training with the SkyTrak launch monitor

The SkyTrak enables you to have your own practice range at home, rain or shine, 365 days a year!

Work on your ball-striking, your shot-shape, launch angle, carry, and spin rate without leaving home or wasting the time it takes to get the range.

You can hit balls with any club in your bag at any time and display a highly accurate rendering of your ball flight in a brilliant 3D environment.

With the SkyTrak you can hit at simulated targets, play challenges, participate in games and enjoy your practice time more than ever before. 

Plus, you can hook the SkyTrak launch monitor up to all popular golf simulation software and play on 200,000+ golf courses.

Key features

  • High-speed camera technology: Captures and produces precise and accurate ball flight data
  • Quick and easy setup: Connects to your smart device or PC. Set up within minutes!
  • Take your launch monitor anywhere: You can take the SkyTrak anywhere - WiFi enabled and includes an internal battery for maximum portability
  • Instant and accurate feedback: SkyTraks ‘Shot-Tracer’ technology improves your game and enables you to instantly see shot shape, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, and much more
  • Basic software includes: Hands you driving range and bag mapping
  • Measures multiple data parameters: Including ball speed, launch angle, side spin, back spin, side spin, side angle and more.
  • Free SkyTrak app: Compatible with PC and iOS and all smart devices
  • Customizable software: Fully customize your environment including weather and course conditions
  • Shop with confidence: 12 month limited warranty

Breakthrough simulation technology

The SkyTraks camera-based launch technology captures high-speed images of the ball immediately after impact. The images captured are used to measure parameters necessary to render shot shape and carry distance.

You get immediate feedback on every shot with instant 3D visualization, powered by SkyTraks advanced flight model and ball spin measurement.

Most simulators, even those costing more than $10,000 and up to $50,000, do not produce results that are representative of your actual ball striking ability.

SkyTrak is designed to give you the same feedback you would get at the course hitting your balls with your clubs.

SkyTrak is a fun, yet serious tool designed specifically to help you improve your game.

For the first time, you can afford a reliable simulator that provides the accuracy of a commercial-grade launch monitor that could cost $10,000 or more.

Quickly set up your SkyTrak within minutes

After downloading the free app, SkyTrak connects easily to compatible iPads,

Androids, and PC's via its built-in WiFi hotspot. Once connected, you’re ready to start hitting shots on the SkyTrak 3D Practice Range anywhere at any time.

There are no wires to connect and the SkyTrak Launch Monitor packs its own battery for total portability.

Hyper-accurate ‘Shot Tracer’ technology

With SkyTrak Shot-Tracer technology, you can see the ball fly on your iPad, Android, or PC, and receive instant feedback on the shot shape, launch angle, spin rate, carry distance, and much more to improve your game.

And because Shot-Tracer uses multiple camera angles, you’ll get far more practical information on your skill level than actually being out on the course.

Here’s just a snapshot of what SkyTrak’s breakthrough ‘Shot Tracer’ technology gives you…

  • 3D Practice Range: Enjoy a better view of your shots and the results of your swing hitting your ball with your clubs than you would have at the range.
  • Ball Performance Data: Your ball flight data on individual shots is captured and displayed automatically to include: Measured ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin, and side angle (deviation from target line). You will also receive calculated club head speed as well as carry distance, offline distance from target line and total distance for each shot.
  • First Person Camera View: View ball flight from down the line (as if you were standing behind the ball looking at the target) and track your shot shape through the air.
  • Shot Replay: Touch the replay button to see that great drive again or analyse the one you’d rather forget.

Ultra-portable launch monitor

Your SkyTrak goes where you go.

Practice and play rain or shine, 365 days a year, in the comfort of your home — even in limited space. Place a ball on a hitting mat or level ground and swing away.

The system is embedded with its own rechargeable battery and serves as its own Wi-Fi hotspot so it can operate with no wires, cables or tethering. Connect wirelessly to a device and generate launch data in seconds.

Fully customisable environment conditions

The SkyTrak enables you to input a series of desired variables and environmental factors such as weather and course conditions.

This helps you to simulate real world golf environments and conditions as if you were really on the course.

Accurately track your performance

Powered by breakthrough, commercial-quality launch monitor technology, SkyTrak accurately captures, displays and contrasts your ball flight data.

Key measurement parameters include; ball speed, launch angle, side spin, back spin, side spin, side angle and more.

SkyTrak is the first affordable practice, play and entertainment simulator that provides realistic results that compare accurately to your actual shot-making ability.

SkyTrak Unit

Photometric launch monitor
Accelerometer-based internal leveling system
No calibration required
Dimensions: 5.75in L x 6.75in H x 2.5in W
Weight – 1.7lbs

Launch Data Accuracy

Ball Speed: 0 – 200mph +/- 1mph
Launch Angle: 0 – 55° +/- 1°
Back Spin: 0 – 12,000rpm +/- 250rpm
Side Spin: 0 – 4,000rpm +/- 250rpm
Side Angle: 0 – 20° +/- 2°

Power and Battery

Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Up to 5 hours of continuous use
Micro USB charging cable included
Wireless Connectivity Options
Connects directly to iPad Wi-Fi (NO Internet access in this mode)
Connects to iPad Wi-Fi through router/home network (Internet Access available)

Hardware Compatibility


SkyTrak requires 3D graphics support. The following passed compatibility testing:

iPad Air or newer
iPad Mini 2 (with Retina Display) or newer
iPad Pro
iPhone 6 or newer


The following Android devices have been tested in-house and are officially approved for use with SkyTrak. In general, we have seen best results with newer Android devices containing Octa-core (or dual quad-core) processors. We will continue to test more devices and will update this list accordingly.

Google Pixel C
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
Samsung Galaxy S8


Windows 7, 8, or 10

Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.0GHz or higher

2GB RAM or higher

Third-party golf simulation software requirements vary by provider.

1x SkyTrak Launch Monitor
1x SkyTrak companion app
1x USB charging cable
Easy-to-read instructions


SkyTrak is covered by a 12 month limited warranty. This warranty covers you against product defects.

If for some reason your item doesn't work as expected, simply contact us and we'll either repair your item under warranty or we may be able to offer a refund/exchange. Again, if for some reason your item doesn't work as expected, contact us right away and we'll sort out any issues ASAP.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

We bought our SkyTrak and inside of 14 months the laser on one side stopped working. This is an adult owned never dropped, never hit, etc. device. Repairs for it are $252.50. The agent tells me it should NOT happened again and it should NOT fail again so either she's full of it or the original laser was of poor quality and they've learned that. I suspect you'll have to plan for a $250 annual repair plus fees for your courses so your annually fees may be $500 and up!


Great product, my game has improved so much since I started using this. I watch videos on YouTube on how to get better and my skytrak shows me what actually works.

Taylor D

I did not get this item for free or any other discounts. I researched ball flight trackers for months before making this purchase and I could not be happier. The setup is extremely simple. The ball flight is amazingly accurate. I have a basic setup in my garage with a carl's golf screen and a projector and it could not be more fun. Great for going out and just using it as a driving range and also great for full simulated play.


Being able to just walk out into my back yard and it balls with feedback is great. It does have about a six sec delay but that gives me enough time to pick up the ball then look at the screen. I will only use two or three a hitting session. This way I'm not picking up 50plus at the end. Great tool to keep your skills up all year round.


I did not want to spend the money on this but I'm so glad I did, Funny, I was already preparing to return it, because I thought for sure I wouldn't like it.It works awesome, I know my swing and it picked up my habits right away. Know I've been working on correcting my swing, Trust me Skytrak is legit.Now I just hope it last, once in a while it might not pick up a shot, but just use bright white balls and put a mark on it then you are ready to go.I would say that 1 in 15 shots might not get picked up.Buy, you'll be happy you did.